Magnetic tunnel junctions for highly sensitive sensors

21-23 of October 2008, Les Vaulx de Cernay France

Giant magnetoresistive elements have been widely implemented for read heads. Magnetic Tunnel junctions are now developed for MRAMs and for last generations of hard disks.

In comparison, Hall effect sensors and AMR sensors are still dominating in sectors like automotive or domestic applications despite the fact that last generation of magnetic tunnel junctions based magnetic sensors could be one thousand time more sensitive than Hall sensors.

The aim of this workshop is to give an overview of recent advances on magnetic sensors based on magnetic tunnel junctions, with a particular focus on material optimization, design and noise reduction techniques. Three sessions will be devoted to applications of these sensors: one on biochips applications, one on biomagnetic applications and the last one on other applications like automotive or NDE.

The workshop organised by the European Network Biomagsens is planned for 2 and half days and will be located in the beautiful abbey des Vaulx de Cernay at 30kms from Paris. It will be ended by the visit of the new research center, Neurospin, devoted to brain imaging and cognitive research.